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In the Arenal Area you have more than 30 different outdoor adventures and nature activities.

Please check out the most popular tours around Arenal Volcano and let us know your preferences. We are more than happy to help you plan your tour.

Vogelbeobachtung - Bird Watching - tucano

Bird Watching

Bird Watching Tour Around

With more than 862 species of birds, Arenal turns into a very rich area for birding, with less than 6 hectares our wildlife refuge has reported more than 352 species within the property, its avifauna includes the most popular full of color species of Costa Rica.

Source: Photo & info  – ebird.org


Frog Watching Night Walk

Experience ArenaI’s only wild frog sanctuary at night, when colorful tree frogs and other rainforest wildlife are most active and most easily observed.

At least 38 frog species have made their home in the ponds of Arenal Oasis.


Frog Watching

Sloth Tour

Sloth Tour Around

Go with the pioneer company who started the sloth tour in the country. Our certified naturalist Guides are experts at locating wildlife and extremely knowledgeable in their field.

The Arenal area is well known for its very diverse wildlife, including the two different sloth species living in Costa Rica.

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We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized for our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences.

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