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About Us - Arenal Oasis
Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge

In the 80’s, when Costa Rica entered an environmental crisis with agrochemicals and agriculture, our Rojas Bonilla family decided to be pioneers and make a drastic change in the way we relate to nature.

We changed the practices of conventional agriculture to organic agriculture, implementing conservation techniques and harmony with nature.

In 1986, we acquired a piece of land that was part of a cattle ranch where there were only large pastures and very few trees. For another decade it was an agro-sustainable farm where we had farm animals and agriculture for community consumption.

During that time, our family was a pioneer in showing a new sustainable and environmentally friendly way to other families and neighboring communities in La Fortuna.


Doña Rosa’s talk to undergraduate students of environmental studies in the USA.

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At the end of the 90’s, the decision was made to let nature take its own course, the cultivation was stopped and immediately the forest began to regenerate and wild animals began to arrive.

In 2003, with the increase of tourism in La Fortuna, the idea was born to create one of the first Ecolodges in the area known today as Arenal Oasis Ecolodge and Wildlife Refuge.

Over the past decades, we have been a family dedicated to the conservation and protection of our environment. In our company, we practice sustainability through recycling, use of environmentally friendly products, zero agrochemicals, organic fertilizers and constructions in harmony with the natural environment.

Our vision is to be an example and a model for others who want to make a change and a difference with environmental impact.

Today, it is so necessary to make that difference to avoid many things like diseases due to agrochemicals, water pollution and endangered species, as we all depend on them.

Our mission is to maintain a space where everyone can come, enjoy and learn from the natural diversity that we have preserved for so many years. Arenal Oasis offers a unique experience as an Ecolodge and Wildlife Refuge, with a great variety of fauna and flora native to this region.

We are proud to be protectors of nature and invite you to come and share this experience with us.


About Us

We are pleased to announce that we have been recognized for our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences.

Arenal Oasis

Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge


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